PREPARATORY LEAVES : how to make the best use of it

Preparation between the exams might feel very hectic right! But there is nothing to worry about if you have the best plan and a good guidance.  


The preparatory leaves between the exams play a very vital role. The basic purpose of these preparatory leaves is to help students practice, review and revise the subject.You get at least 2 days leave to prepare for the exams and these holidays are very important for the exams. 


There is a strategy for the exams and if you follow it then you can make best of those preparatory leaves :


  • When students are on preparatory leave, most students study late into the night and end up sleeping in the morning. This will not prove to be a great help. Instead, star early in the morning and try to make this habit prior to the exams.


  • Make timetables prior to the exam preparation and make different timetables so that you can get enough time to revise between the exams.


  • Give a color code to each subject. It helps to remember the topics better.


  • Take a separate piece of paper. Then, under each subject, list all of the things that you need to know. This might be all the topic areas for that subject, what you covered each week in class/tuition or the different sections of the exam.


  • No one likes studying maths for 6 straight hours. Give yourself a mix of subjects each day so that you decrease your chances of losing interest really quickly. Most people are more productive in the morning, so try mixing up the time of day you tackle different subjects as well.


  • When you are 100% sure that you have studied it all then look up again because there always some topic that will beat you up in the exams.


  • Clear your doubts. While revising you might stumble upon some doubts, don’t feel shy to ask anyone. Ask your teachers, tutor or a friend.

If you follow this strategy then you can score better!