How to master your mathematical skills?

How to master your mathematical skills?

Math is different than any other subject. Mathematics has no generally accepted definition but according to Collins Dictionary it is described as the study of numbers, quantities and shapes. Yeah! that’s an easy way to define mathematics.

Mathematics is a progressive and a sequential subject. It is like building blocks. If you miss any of the building blocks then you cannot develop your mathematical skills. It’s very easy for students to lack behind if they miss the course or any chapter. One math class construct upon another. Without successfully completing high school algebra it’s difficult to cope up with college algebra. Math evolves over time. You can’t perform poorly one year and expect o excel the next.

Maths uses made-up rules to create models and relationships.

  • What relationship does this model represent?
  • What real-world items share this relationship?
  • Does that relationship make sense to me?

So, here are some tips for mastering your mathematical skills:


  • Focus on principles:

You should focus on principles rather than memorizing concepts. Math is more creative subject than poetry. You can learn and memorize the concepts and still can pass the exam but mathematics is more than a subject itself. It should not be learned but it should be focused more on problem solving skills. Once you learn how grasp the principles then you can render your skills anywhere. Try to evolve with the subject and try not to procrastinate the syllabus because anything in maths is built on the pillar of the previous chapter or course. Focus on developing a good understanding of all the major concepts initially. In colleges sometimes you might be provided with formulas in examinations but all the knowledge won’t help if you don’t understand mathematical principles.


  • Keep Practicing:

Practice makes a man perfect. Mathematics is concept based subject and it requires practice. For example, If you learn how to drive a car and stop practicing then my friend you might be in trouble because you might know the functions but the judgement would be inadequate and defective. So is mathematics, it requires practice. In maths you can learn the formula but you would not be able to use them or understand how equations work and apply mathematical processes. Maths involves so many formulas, equations and procedures that it can be difficult to remember everything. By practicing daily you can easily ace mathematics.


  • Identify your errors:

Sometimes math problem solving can be annoying. You might not get the right results while solving a problem and it’s not because you are not using the right formula or the right procedure but it’s because of silly mistakes. Silly mistakes happens quite often but it’s very important to check for errors while solving the problem and after solving the problem. First of all you need to read the problem twice because sometimes reading the problem only single time can result in wrong solutions. Reviewing the problem after solving the it is always good. Reviewing the problem will help you internalize what you have learned and prepare you to tackle more challenging math problems. Identifying your errors proves to be a very good remedy for getting a good grasp on the subject.


  • Concentration:

Concentration is very important while studying any subject and mostly when solving a mathematical problem. For identifying the problem you should be concentrated on that particular problem. Students who easily get distracted should try out different methods for developing concentration because my friend you can only master the art of solving a mathematical problem if you are concentrated.


  • Clear your doubts:

Refer from other to clear your doubts. Ask for help if you need it. Ask your teacher, other students or a tutor. Do not feel shy to ask for help. You might delay clearing your doubts but it will only get you more doubtful as you might miss a concept and you are likely to get behind the syllabus. Do no wait until the last minute to get help. He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. Doubt Clearing is one of the most important element while learning mathematics.


  • Doing Homework:

Math is that one subject which usually requires homework. Some students think that maths homework makes life miserable but that is not the situation. Once you start doing your homework regularly then you will ace the problem solving technique. Most of the students don’t understand math instantly after hearing the lecture. To learn math you must experience it.



So, these are the tips that will surely help you to master your mathematical skills and it will help you to score good in exams.