What to do if your kids hate homework?

What to do if your kids hate homework?

Hating homework is not a new concept to know. Every kid hates homework while there are some exceptions also. But running away from homework is genuinely a major issue which needs to get solved at the earliest. Though it is not a difficult task to be accomplished, but it requires a lot of patience to overcome this problem. Tuition India is providing here some of the best solutions to deal with this issue and make your child love the homework. 


1. Not everyone is born a genius and you cannot expect your kid to behave like one. The foremost step is to first accept your kid the way he/she is. If your child is not able to understand the questions given in the homework then try to help them. If this is not possible then seek help from tutors which can be a home tutor or any coaching class. When your child starts attending such extra classes regularly then he will get some confidence while doing homework since, at that time, he knows that he has someone behind him to help him whenever he gets stuck.


2. Adding a little bit of relaxation time and doing homework with enjoyment will do no harm to their study pattern. The children spend their whole day in the school attending regular classes with which sometimes they even get frustrated. And after coming to home, they expect a little bit of relaxation time where they can watch their favorite cartoon shows or go outside to play with their friends. At this time, do not try to force them to first complete their homework. Give them their time and then tell them to do it.


3. A follow-up is also needed to implement on daily basis. Though you might be very busy in your job but taking the status of your children’s study is in your hands. Evaluate them and keep on checking their performance. Analyse whether their performance is rising or getting degraded. If their performance is getting better then teach them to maintain such record but on the other hand, if their performance is not up to the mark then try to take the necessary actions on time. After all, it is all about your children’s future.


4. Creating a proper well-implemented schedule is also mandatory. If your child has started living through a timetable then it is good for him/her in the long run. Having a fixed timetable actually helps your child to manage his day in a much more efficient manner. When your children start following such timetable, they will keep in mind that in order to go outside for playing, they first need to complete their homework or after watching their favorite TV shows they have to start their homework immediately.


These simple yet effective solutions will not only make your children fall in love with their homework but will also help them in managing their routine from a very early age. They will learn to organize their day, plan their daily activities and to create a balance between their extra-curricular activities and school life.