Negative Impact of Social Media on Young Kids

Negative Impact of Social Media on Young Kids

Social media has become extremely popular in no time. And the major reason would be the extensive internet usage by our young school going kids and college students to get the global access. The social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Twitter has become intense craze for everyone. Though these sites may be helpful for us in connecting with others, diminishing long distances away, but on the other hand, we can easily see its negative effects overcoming the positive ones. These social networking sites have caused much harm than good to the society. And the range of people coming under this is the category of our younger kids! Several negative effects are mentioned as follows which needs to be taken care of on a very serious note:


1. Reduced Learning Capabilities - Now students have actually become dependent on the internet for every piece of information whether they want to understand any topic or whether they want to just finish their homework. This relying on social networking sites is harming our children. 


2. Multitasking - Being involved on social media sites while studying results in the reduction of focus of attention which henceforth causes a reduction in academic performance as well.


3. Lesser Interactions with Real People - More the time they spend on social networking sites, less interactive they will become with other surrounding people. At the present time, children are focusing on making newer connections with unknown people across the globe. Due to this, they start neglecting the people around them which reduces their communication skills.


4. Reduced Command Over Language - More and more children have started using slang and shortcut words in substitution to the original words. This thing not only harms their writing skills but also their minds. Slowly and steadily, they began forgetting correct spellings of the written words which in turn leads to improper usage of online grammar and spelling check features.


5. Wastage of Time - This is another major negative impact of social networking sites. Students go online to search information related to their studies but instead of finding the thing they went for, they actually get trapped by the online advertisements and get lured in clicking on them. And henceforth forget their actual work and become unable to deliver the work in the specified time frame.


6. Ignorance of Health - The excessive usage of social networking sites not only affects the mental health of our kids but also their physical health as well. They procrastinate their diets, do not take proper rest and start consuming excessive coffee or tea to remain active but all this ultimately hampers their health in a negative manner.


The technology has gifted us internet to do something better, not to indulge in such time-wasting activities which affect the young flourishing minds of our children. We are not saying to stop them from using such social networking sites but we can limit their usage for the benefit of both of us. Try to aware them and teach them the pros and cons of using internet and related cyber-crimes.