How to Choose the Right Home Tutor for Mathematics?

How to Choose the Right Home Tutor for Mathematics?

“The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is beautiful.” - Georg Cantor (Mathematician)


Are you thinking to enroll your kids in maths tuitions? Are you wondering the necessity of maths tuitions? Or have you already enrolled your kids into one, but still not sure whether it was really needed or not?


If you are facing such questions, then this blog will surely help you to figure it out. Though many parents and even teachers believe those mathematics in one of the most fundamental subjects to be studied carefully in schools. Some still believe that studying maths on one’s own is not that much difficult at all. Nowadays many home tutors are having the specialty in maths since the demand is ever increasing. Due to this increased demand, the tuitions have also become expensive. Some charge fees on the hourly basis while some charge on the monthly basis, but the main motive of both remains the same that is to inculcate the student’s mind with the logic of maths and try to make him a genius. To be very honest, do not try to think that the more the fees of the maths tutor is, the wiser he is. This fact is absolutely wrong. If someone is charging more doesn’t mean that he is well experienced and is able to understand the child psychology more. Moreover, they will lure you to join their centers by showing you proven results which have a higher success rate. But this doesn’t mean that your child will definitely ace the maths exam for sure.


Also, there are some tutors which focus more on providing supplementary maths notes with shortcut tricks, tips, and secret formulas but they are not of much use to your kids. After all, you have not hired the tutor to teach your kids just these tricks but to understand them behind the scenes scenario, that is to make them understand the exact logic. For this proper, well organized and consistent lectures or classes must be designed to teach the syllabus in a better way. For instance, if the tutor takes theorems session one day, then he can show the relevant videos on the same topic the other day to make children understand those concepts very well. Also, while taking tests he should develop tests in some unique ways which includes fun quizzes, riddles or puzzles, not like those old-age written tests on papers. The teaching criteria should be changed with time.


In reality, the parents need to understand the teaching pedagogy and methodology of these teachers. After all, you are giving the access to the steering wheel of your child’s career vehicle in their hands to drive. Here, the role of the parents is not just limited to choosing the right maths tutor for their kids but also to take a proper follow-up from them. Knowing the status of your child’s study with all the negative and positive feedbacks is crucially important.