How to Choose the Best Online Tutor?

How to Choose the Best Online Tutor?

The world is becoming digital and that too closer day by day all because of the Internet which has actually evolved our lives to a greater extent and has removed the untravelled distances almost next to negligible. Well, on one hand, the internet has proved to be a bane for all of us but we cannot ignore the other side of the coin by not focusing in the increase of daily online fraudulent cases.

The internet is a hub of hundreds of thousands of libraries and so do they have abundant resources of education. And finding the best online tutor is quite a challenging task. If you would be searching for a home tutor for your child then you would definitely check into his/her background for sure. Then why not do this same for the online tutor. So, the first step goes by checking and enquiring about the tutor and his classes using several metrics. Here, at Tuition India, we have prepared a checklist for your ease to find the best online tutor:

1.   Visit the official website and go through their whole site. Read out the complete description of the agency, about the tutor, his faculty, enrolled students and last but not the least – results/outcome.


2.   Read the testimonials left by the clientele on their website. Carefully read all the positive and the negative responses of the parents and how the tutor has responded to the negative feedback.


3.   Visit different online parental discussion forums where you can find a plenty of information about the tuition classes and the related additional details being discussed among the parents.


4.   Check review sites like,, and many more. Such sites will not only help in finding out the best tutor but also to get the most affordable one within your location.


5.  Surf their profiles through various social media platforms like,,, etc which can help you to find out more about the instructors, their work experience, qualifications, etc.

Now since you have checked about the tutor. The next step is to share the personal details of your child with him. Such details could include your child’s grades, report cards, educational progress, etc. But before providing this information, you should ensure that they have sufficient online security and privacy measures to safeguard the shared details.

After exchanging the necessary details, be clear and precise about the fees to be paid. If the tutor is offering any discount then get it written in an official mail which can be communicated to you as well. Every single detail should be documented before joining him. The scope of teaching should also be discussed on time including a number of extra questions to be taught, questions on high order thinking skills, prescribed books, reference books, homework criteria, etc. Not only this but the revision process along with the regular tests at equal intervals should also be mentioned beforehand.Therefore, you need to cross-verify online before investing your money in online tuitions.