Four Fundamental School Subjects That Every Child Needs to Focus Upon

Four Fundamental School Subjects That Every Child Needs to Focus Upon

There are many subjects being taught in the school. Some subjects are involved in the core curriculum of the school syllabus while some are involved in elective subjects. But today we are on a trip to explore the most fundamental subjects that every child needs to focus upon.


Subject No. 1: Mathematics – If we are talking about the important school subjects then mathematics would be the one to top this. Indeed, mathematics is the subject which actually helps the brain to develop in a much more logical manner. Moreover, it is the most fundamental subject being used in every other subject.World-renowned American-German mathematician Richard Courant said that Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality. 


Subject No.2: Science – Talking about mathematics only without using the context of science will make science hurt! Yes, if maths is the most logical subject then science is the most creative subject. This life-sustaining subject is equally important for our school going young minds to nourish their knowledge. Without science, we would not be able to know about the cells or cure diseases today! Without science, we would not be able to go to the moon or even marks! Without science, we would not be able to build such incredible buildings or those flying planes! From such context, we can generalize the importance of such life-saving subject in our daily lives and how can it help our children to expand the horizons of their mind.


Subject No. 3: English Language is the basis of all our communication. It enables us to express our thoughts and how to exchange them with others. Every kid has his own mother tongue. However, if we talk about the globally accepted common language then it would be no other than English. This language has made its deep roots in our civilization. And the whole world is just moving the English-way! The style of this language helps our children to develop and improve their personal skills.


Subject No. 4: History – Though everyone questions the use of such subject and almost all finds this subject boring, but we should not ignore it at all. While history is the subject which enables us to learn about the wrong-doings being done in the past, take lessons from it and improve our present times, on the other hand, this subject also helps to understand and get the deep insights of the art and culture at that time. Only after learning from our old antique times, we are living and enjoying this modern world today!


These four subjects are the basis of one’s life. They are extremely beneficial not only for the students but also for us as well. Such subjects actually allow one to make more sense of the current world, make their minds sharper and more creative. Using such knowledge and wisdom one becomes empower to change the world